Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fantasy is here at last

So after much research and time, Dan and I did get our first games in last week.  We got 2 games in.  The game is really more complex and much harder to mathhammer out as you go to your enemy.  Some things we learned

  • Terrain -  this is big, each player places 3 pieces of terrain alternating as they see fit (type and location).  So this requires a lot of terrain options that you can put into play that blocks can move through.  So what I did was pick up a bunch of color felt, about 12x10 (large piece terrain) and cut to represent the various types.
    • Terrain provides cover -1, or -2 to hit at range
    • No Marching if at any point you enter terrain
    • 1/2 or 1/4 movement rate depending on type
    • various other effects depending on type
  • Movement - most move 3-6 inches base, and can double that via march/charge  flyers can move 20
    • Turning in place, takes 1/4 movement  and can not charge or march
    • Wheeling measure the outside of the wheel going forward for distance.  on charge can wheel once
    • Facing, you can only fire in your frontal arc, so if something scouts behind you, you need to turn to be able to shoot at it
Things we learned was rarely can you rely on one unit to take on another head on, the game has so many other parts of combat resolution, killing is only one part of it.

 Magic is its own phase and plays like it, though the events are still fairly random and can not be counted on, as it should be  Miscasts are little less often than 40k but the more you try to pump up a spell, the more likely you can miscast.  we probably saw about 60% of our spells be countered or fail, which seems accurate and fun to me.

Options-  this game just sort of has them.   Missile troops have the option to stand and shoot charging units if coming from far enough away, they also have the right to break on the charge and usually have an easy time pulling away.

Units that cause Fear and Terror actually do, to most everyone, but can still be broken.

All heros and champs can challenge as a tactic to reduce damage to units.

I am looking forward to our next game, 1750 points is next

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