Sunday, September 6, 2009

IG Reigns Supreme at 1000 point tourny

So as I posted below, I took my army to the 1k tourny and ended up taking home the overall championship. Break down was 70% battle, 20% sportsman ship, 10% Painting.

We had 16 people attend, and we played 4 specialty matches created and handed out game day.

The armies that attended from memory,
1 Daemon,
1 Tau,
1 Salamander Marine
3 Ultra Marines
1 Space Wolf
2 Eldar
1 Tyranid
2 Chaos (one nurgle themed)
1 IG
1 Necron
1 Sisters
1 other

I drew Salamander, Tau, Daemons, Sisters.

Each game was worth 3 Battle points. And a battle point was met for some condition of that mission. such as kill highest point Enemy commander, kill points, have a scoring unit visit all 4 table corners...

Also game one had the Fallen star token. this allowed you to change one dice roll of an opponent to any number you wanted. but the cost was then that token was given to them. the token was earn-able in the first game, which I managed to capture.

Game 1 Vs Salamanders (Drop pod guy)

He had nicely painted Drop pods and a pretty standard Vulcan List. Meltas and Flamers, some speeders, 3 DP's. night fighting was in effect till objected landed. I started entire army in reserves slowly came in, BT laid waste to his marines with the Vendetta. Troops did not come on in chimeras to make this game close, but by end of turn six all that was left was a drop pod and a couple beat up skimmers and I had claimed all objectives only losing the battle tank, and an immobilized command tank.

3 Battle points + star token

Game 2 VS Tau,

Double unlucky break here, on a 4 x 4 board there was a 2 x 3 mountain piece placed in the center of the map blocking all line of site, even for Vendetta, with forests placed in the 4 corners, perfect against tau. Second was he had a high KP list with about 14 KP's and one of the battle.points was most units remaining. BP's were Table quarters, most surviving units, and the middle objective where you needed to have a scoring and HQ unit next to it for an entire turn of the game with no contesting.

This game was bloody for me, and he had a huge round on cover saves making like 12 of 14 or so.

Game ended 1 BP each. I had table quarters and he had number of units

Game 3 Vs Daemons

Nurgle themed Blood thirster, 2 soul grinders, 8 furies? some 2 wound nasty piece and 3 units of nurgling marines

he went first and I deployed nothing to DoW in but no night fighting. he rolled low so got his wrong half, used his token to get his right par to deploy, then I used mine to move it back down. so in drop 3 nurgling units. The most accurate scatters 8, more on this later. Then run a little bit, my guys come on, do some shooting, take out one squad, and 2 in another, saved really well. Turn 2 BT and furies come in scatters 11 onto the volcano which I though was impassible as no model can remotely stand on the thing promptly destroyed. he claims he did not know we did not decide, GK guy not much help, I agree to let him put it in reserves to try to come out turn 3. Furries scatter 10 right towards my army, in front of BT, 1 chimera and Vendetta . Command chimera and another on far left flank move up, troop one is immobilized. command just moves up. inflict 15 wounds on the furies so just 1 survived but it was able to still take out my battle tank. Turn 3 soul grinder 1 lands, scatters 12 to perch itself on top of the terrain, Blood thirster scatters 11 back towards the table edge in his deployment 1 inch from being off the table. Vendetta takes out SG, LC puts a wound on DP. Command tank gets immobilized on same crater as troop so it has now taken out 2 vehicals that have done nothing this game except fire turn 1. troops start deploying and taking objectives. turn 4 his SG scatters 10 onto my troops or off the board, destroyed, DP moves up and gets wasted. I just start claim in objectives game over. Every unit scattered no less than 8. wow. Battle points were claim each piece of terrain on the map, so like 25 pieces by having a unit touching them. Have our HQ not do anything but move till turn 4, which I did, kill opposing HQ.

3 BP.

Game 4 vs sisters.

Game like all sisters, he took out all my transports and BT with his troops and command unit, I took out the Exorcists early. game ended after 4 turns with him having 1 wound left on commander and 1 retinue guy left, 2 routing sisters, 3 ST and a Weapon destroyed and immolator.

I had Vendetta, 3 troops at slightly better than half str each. if game would have went on 1 more turn I probably table him though on BP he actually ends up winning the match as one of the battle points is have more non scoring units left alive, transports count as as does retinue.

good bloody game, vendetta was great, the invuln saves like always are just a pain to deal with.


I ended with 9 BP which I believe put me at 1 below Jeff (Eldar) after he Tabled his last opponent in 4 turns and was able to then complete the objectives against (eldar). But he did not score great on sportsman ship as one guy went home after playing him. and his eldar was really beat up and mis matched to the point where my ig looked better. So now the Irony, He won top General, and I pulled off top overall based on my Sportsman Ship score and Painting. To top off the comedy, Grant (AKA Red Cup and CD drop pod guy) won best painted army. This time (official GW event) Top over all got the 80 dollar prize, top painting and General got 45 and they gave out 3 15 dollar cards at random, which I did not win any of :(

Overall fun was had. liked the missions, liked the BP, though did not like the BP that direct ally oppose the main rules. Missions like most units and most non scoring are not really fair representation to spring at the event as they so oppose the core rules. But overall they were good, like always too much terrain there.

My prize was $80 GW credit to be spent that day at GK which became a second Valkyrie and rhino.

I am sold on Vendettas now would probably change my list to have a second one in it at 1000 now