Friday, February 26, 2010

IG painting

So I know it will not be believed, but I have actually started painting my Guardsman.  Though I still am horrible at it the first 2 turned out as dan would say, "Table top quality.  Take a lokk below at the 2 guys.  I am still thinking of darkening the guns and need to work on something for the base.

I have 6 more plasma to get done and then figure start on some Meltas.  The vehicals will not get started before the 1850 tourny

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chaos rolls over the under equipped loyalists

So I finally decided on the bulk of my Marine army.  for the 1500 point core I went with

1 Pedro
1 5 man scout/telion with Rocket launcher, 3 sniper rifles
10 man Tac with rhino, ML, Melta
10 man stern guard with 6 combi meltas + Drop pod
1 Iron clad + Drop pod + locator beacon
5 Assault Terminators
1 Vindicator
1 Ped Auto cannon + 2 Las cannons

The list performed pretty well, mission was kill points and  long table edges, though we mostly deployed corner deployment.  Termies were teleporting.   I forgot to deploy my scouts.

List performed pretty well, got a little unlucky on some shooting, 6 ap 3 get hot shots 4 1's, and some clutch saves by the DP.

Game was fun and back and forth.  I need to get better with the Drop pods and remember once again to deploy my entire army.

Termies did nothing, nor did the tac squad I did not use well

Options to consider, swap out pedro who currently DP with sternguard.   Change telion into a land speeder storm for more mobility and protection for the scouts.  doing something with the termies.

so I need a pedro model along with 2 drop pods and a few more combi meltas for the Sternguard