Monday, February 1, 2010

Chaos rolls over the under equipped loyalists

So I finally decided on the bulk of my Marine army.  for the 1500 point core I went with

1 Pedro
1 5 man scout/telion with Rocket launcher, 3 sniper rifles
10 man Tac with rhino, ML, Melta
10 man stern guard with 6 combi meltas + Drop pod
1 Iron clad + Drop pod + locator beacon
5 Assault Terminators
1 Vindicator
1 Ped Auto cannon + 2 Las cannons

The list performed pretty well, mission was kill points and  long table edges, though we mostly deployed corner deployment.  Termies were teleporting.   I forgot to deploy my scouts.

List performed pretty well, got a little unlucky on some shooting, 6 ap 3 get hot shots 4 1's, and some clutch saves by the DP.

Game was fun and back and forth.  I need to get better with the Drop pods and remember once again to deploy my entire army.

Termies did nothing, nor did the tac squad I did not use well

Options to consider, swap out pedro who currently DP with sternguard.   Change telion into a land speeder storm for more mobility and protection for the scouts.  doing something with the termies.

so I need a pedro model along with 2 drop pods and a few more combi meltas for the Sternguard

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