Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Day approaches

Tomorrow is game day.  Not sure on who we have attending still.  Since this is a home game I may break out a second army.  I am running my 1250 guard at the Jan tourney but I don't really need to run them as I am sure what they an do.  I have done zero modeling after getting the second vendetta together but will start back up in the new year, got a few more guards men to assemble then begin the painting run before tackling the few marine vehicles remaining.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1850 IG getting ready

The Ig had a good weekend in preparation for the tourny.

I played with some new things, Added a LR Demoloisher that performed much better than expected, that str 10 ap 2 blast adds a lot a pop.

Second Vendetta performed well also 1 is a target but 2 are a weapon and all that las fire can be a pain, though Tau did a good job negating them.

Tweeking a little bit to add marbo to the list to jump in back and take out a broad side squad or something that is hiding in back.

All in all I think the list is set, need to work on advancing my chimeras more, I may drop the las in one to make it an advancing unit (switch plasma - meltas?)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

IG Reigns Supreme at 1000 point tourny

So as I posted below, I took my army to the 1k tourny and ended up taking home the overall championship. Break down was 70% battle, 20% sportsman ship, 10% Painting.

We had 16 people attend, and we played 4 specialty matches created and handed out game day.

The armies that attended from memory,
1 Daemon,
1 Tau,
1 Salamander Marine
3 Ultra Marines
1 Space Wolf
2 Eldar
1 Tyranid
2 Chaos (one nurgle themed)
1 IG
1 Necron
1 Sisters
1 other

I drew Salamander, Tau, Daemons, Sisters.

Each game was worth 3 Battle points. And a battle point was met for some condition of that mission. such as kill highest point Enemy commander, kill points, have a scoring unit visit all 4 table corners...

Also game one had the Fallen star token. this allowed you to change one dice roll of an opponent to any number you wanted. but the cost was then that token was given to them. the token was earn-able in the first game, which I managed to capture.

Game 1 Vs Salamanders (Drop pod guy)

He had nicely painted Drop pods and a pretty standard Vulcan List. Meltas and Flamers, some speeders, 3 DP's. night fighting was in effect till objected landed. I started entire army in reserves slowly came in, BT laid waste to his marines with the Vendetta. Troops did not come on in chimeras to make this game close, but by end of turn six all that was left was a drop pod and a couple beat up skimmers and I had claimed all objectives only losing the battle tank, and an immobilized command tank.

3 Battle points + star token

Game 2 VS Tau,

Double unlucky break here, on a 4 x 4 board there was a 2 x 3 mountain piece placed in the center of the map blocking all line of site, even for Vendetta, with forests placed in the 4 corners, perfect against tau. Second was he had a high KP list with about 14 KP's and one of the battle.points was most units remaining. BP's were Table quarters, most surviving units, and the middle objective where you needed to have a scoring and HQ unit next to it for an entire turn of the game with no contesting.

This game was bloody for me, and he had a huge round on cover saves making like 12 of 14 or so.

Game ended 1 BP each. I had table quarters and he had number of units

Game 3 Vs Daemons

Nurgle themed Blood thirster, 2 soul grinders, 8 furies? some 2 wound nasty piece and 3 units of nurgling marines

he went first and I deployed nothing to DoW in but no night fighting. he rolled low so got his wrong half, used his token to get his right par to deploy, then I used mine to move it back down. so in drop 3 nurgling units. The most accurate scatters 8, more on this later. Then run a little bit, my guys come on, do some shooting, take out one squad, and 2 in another, saved really well. Turn 2 BT and furies come in scatters 11 onto the volcano which I though was impassible as no model can remotely stand on the thing promptly destroyed. he claims he did not know we did not decide, GK guy not much help, I agree to let him put it in reserves to try to come out turn 3. Furries scatter 10 right towards my army, in front of BT, 1 chimera and Vendetta . Command chimera and another on far left flank move up, troop one is immobilized. command just moves up. inflict 15 wounds on the furies so just 1 survived but it was able to still take out my battle tank. Turn 3 soul grinder 1 lands, scatters 12 to perch itself on top of the terrain, Blood thirster scatters 11 back towards the table edge in his deployment 1 inch from being off the table. Vendetta takes out SG, LC puts a wound on DP. Command tank gets immobilized on same crater as troop so it has now taken out 2 vehicals that have done nothing this game except fire turn 1. troops start deploying and taking objectives. turn 4 his SG scatters 10 onto my troops or off the board, destroyed, DP moves up and gets wasted. I just start claim in objectives game over. Every unit scattered no less than 8. wow. Battle points were claim each piece of terrain on the map, so like 25 pieces by having a unit touching them. Have our HQ not do anything but move till turn 4, which I did, kill opposing HQ.

3 BP.

Game 4 vs sisters.

Game like all sisters, he took out all my transports and BT with his troops and command unit, I took out the Exorcists early. game ended after 4 turns with him having 1 wound left on commander and 1 retinue guy left, 2 routing sisters, 3 ST and a Weapon destroyed and immolator.

I had Vendetta, 3 troops at slightly better than half str each. if game would have went on 1 more turn I probably table him though on BP he actually ends up winning the match as one of the battle points is have more non scoring units left alive, transports count as as does retinue.

good bloody game, vendetta was great, the invuln saves like always are just a pain to deal with.


I ended with 9 BP which I believe put me at 1 below Jeff (Eldar) after he Tabled his last opponent in 4 turns and was able to then complete the objectives against (eldar). But he did not score great on sportsman ship as one guy went home after playing him. and his eldar was really beat up and mis matched to the point where my ig looked better. So now the Irony, He won top General, and I pulled off top overall based on my Sportsman Ship score and Painting. To top off the comedy, Grant (AKA Red Cup and CD drop pod guy) won best painted army. This time (official GW event) Top over all got the 80 dollar prize, top painting and General got 45 and they gave out 3 15 dollar cards at random, which I did not win any of :(

Overall fun was had. liked the missions, liked the BP, though did not like the BP that direct ally oppose the main rules. Missions like most units and most non scoring are not really fair representation to spring at the event as they so oppose the core rules. But overall they were good, like always too much terrain there.

My prize was $80 GW credit to be spent that day at GK which became a second Valkyrie and rhino.

I am sold on Vendettas now would probably change my list to have a second one in it at 1000 now

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1000 point Tourny, what to play

So Liam let us know about the GameKastle Tourny comming up in 2 weeks. I am toying around with guard. I think they will be competative against the uber ork and chaos list that will probably make up 70% of the participants. So this is the list I am toying with

1 Command squad
3 plasma
1 Medic

2 vet squads
3 Plasma
1 HB

1 Vet Squad
3 Melta

1 Vendetta
2 Heavy Bolters


With this list I still have 50 points left for upgrades. Options are putting Plasma on the LRBT, upgrading HB to LC in vet squads, putting an ordanace officer in the command squad. Possibly free up 15 more points for Marbo.

Any why I go here the core of the army is set, good ammount of plasma, decent ammount of las and anti infantry. I tote 8 HB or equivilents even if I upgrade the battle tank and the vet squads heavies. Plus a BC and some las fire.

Some more extream options I am toying with are dropping the command squad completly, and going with a primarc psyker and a GK BC with psy hood. and using whatever points are left to upgrade vets and tank.

I think this list can deal with most elite lists out there, I am not worried about Nurgle or MC, though a 1k list may give me issues with all the invul saves. as my plasma will start dying off. Elite ork army will be ok Ican deal with the one uber bike squad by having a lot of instakill FnP negating stuff out there. saddly the plasmas dont IC. Hoards will give me my biggest problems

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tyranid and you

So I Got a game in against Collins last night, he ran a Tyranid list we threw together and I ran my Marine list I used at liams a few weeks ago. The mission was kill points and with corner deployment, probably the toughest draw for bugs.

Tyranad army:
2x12 GS with + 1 str and SC, FT
2x20 Spine guants
Shootyfex VC, BS
CC fex lots of things
3 Biovores Acid mines
HT with 1 guard
2 lictors

What we learned is GS kick so much ass that no upgrading really is needed as they already hit 90% of the time and rend. so droping the SC for extra attack and the +1 str does not cost them much and would allow them to buy another 10

Guants did what they should, they screen and got into cc. No Ext armor on GS hurt as they got burned down some by bolters, but the armor upgrade is expensive at 4+ per model. I think better guant screening is the way to go.

Walking HT with guard was just not durable enough it seemed, probably needs another guard to survive the walk up.

biovores are not too good in this edition as 2d6+ 3 is not good enough vs av 13 and 14 and not enough marines on the table these days for tha sp 3 to mean much.

Lictors are intersting scare tactic, but at 80 points each and a kp each just not that impressive. can make someone deploy out of cover and assault from deployment is not bad but those points can be better spent

so upgrade to this list at 1850

Drop the Biovores and go with 3 zorathorpes with warpblast, warp field ( tank killing/marine killing) Synapse

Drop Lictors and go with another shootyfex

Drop GS + 1 STR and SC and buy another 10 man squad

Drop CC fex abilities to buy a second guard, and depending on extra points maybe drop a GS and some random upgrades for a 3rd guard. if not getting guards, drop the HT and guards and geta broodlord and flesh out the GS retuine to deepstrike with.

Dave can follow up with some comments to this. or what the rest of you think perhaps?

Game ended 7-4 on kill points.

he had 3 GS left and the shooty fex, I had 5 scouts, 4 termies and lysander left, plus a lr and some randomly disabled/Weaponless vehicals around

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Battle of the Imperium

Got a game in vs Josh this morning. His Marines took on my Imperial guard in a 1500 point skirmish.

405th Cadian

1 command squad
3 plasma, 1 med pack, one ordinance officer, carapase Chimira

2 Vet squads 3 plasma, chimera

1 Vet Demolition squad 3 melta

1 Vendetta
2 LRBT 2 Plasma Cannons, 1 LC
1 Manacore
1 Marbo

Space Marines

1 Chapter master LC, Jump pack
10 man assault squad
2 10 tac squad PF, Melta, LC, Rhino
5 man scout squad 5 sniper rifles
8 man Dev squad 4 ML
3 bikes 2 melta 1 combo melta

We played long table edges and 1 objective each.

left to right Marines deploy Leader + assault in a little cover, right in front of dev squad and 5 man combat squad.

rhino with CS then V dred then last rhino deployed in center of deployment zone with bikes behind dred, combat squad 2 take a firing point on the right side, scouts infiltrate into a bunker in the middle of the right side.

IG deploys right to left
Vendetta with melta vets, command squad, manicore, LRBT, LRBT, Chimera, building, chimera.

Turn one.
Rhinos blast up and pop smoke, bikes go flat out next to the rhino on my left flank. Assault squad moves up to base of building on left flank, dred walks up.

Shooting, dred, shoots and pops Command squad chimera. 2 die in explosion, squad breaks.
Dev squad fires and destroys manicore.

turn1 b
command squad does not recover, runs off board.
Chimera on left moves up to fire on assualt marines, chimera in middle moves up to take ot bikes, vendetta moves to fire on dred.

Plasma opens up, losing 1 but killing 5 assualt marines. Vet 2 does not hurt bikes. Vendetta takes out dred. both weapons blown off vehicals.

Turn 2.
rhinos continue to move up to my objective, though moving accross the tank line, bikes move up to pop side armor, assault squad moves up to charge chimira.

Bikes land both melta shots, double immobilzing. Dev squad hits 4 times but fails to pen or glance vendetta, lascannons from 2 combatsquads fail to hurt LRBT.

Assault squad charges and takes off 2 weapons against the chimira on the left.

Turn 2 b, tanks reposition, chimera moves around assulting squad, vendeta moves back
Chimera opens up with plasma killing 4 marines. Chimera by bikes fires killing 2 bikes but losing 1 plasma. Vendetta fires shaking rhino, tanks pop 1 rhino killing 0 guys inside.

Turn 3 rhino moves up and provides cover for for squad. Leader and AM move behind building and by immobilzed chimera for the charge. bike stays to melta chimera.

leader charges but fails to damage with grenade, melta shot misses along with grenade from bike.

ML fire but do hurt chimera on left. las cannons shake 1 battle tank.

turn 3 b
still no marbo

chimera on left fires on leader, LC instakills him. immobilized chimera fires killing last assault marine serg. Vendetta fires at last rhino, doing nothing.

last tank fires but misses.

Turn 4
guys deploy, 5 man cs with melta and pf, 3 cs with PF and melta on my back line move up with in six inches of objective and first tank. Bike moves close to other side of tank,

Dev fires at Vet squad on left ,killing a couple, down to 5 but still lc and 2 plasma left
cs with las fire and take out LRBT the bike was going to charge. Melta squads destroy the other tank.

Turn 4b,

Marbo comes in, puts him right by dev squad and 5 man combat squad and objective
Vendetta moves towards my objective 6.

vendetta fires on 5 man squad killing 4 and chimera squad kills the 2 man squad, 1 bike and 1 guy now left there

Marbo kills the entire 5 man squad with demo charge, and 1 dev guy
last vet squad kills of 2 more dev squad

Turn 5.

1 marine and bike advance to my objective to claim/contest
rhino speeds back to help get troop to objective. last CS runs to it.
dev assults marbo kiling him

Turn 5 b, vendetta moves, vets deploy to claim objective, the melta the/demo charge the last marine down, vendetta guns down bike, vets gun down 2 more dev squad.

Turn 6
race to get a troop to joshes objective, he manages to get to the rhino but then I pop it. game ends on turn 6 with his troop 12 inches away from his objective. But all in all a very close and competative game to play.

Even though Dan trys to seed the thoughts that playing me is frustrating and ruin his game before he even played, alas it was a fun game, and probably a lame time at the oakland zoo!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Night of bolter Fire

Thanks to Liam putting the event together. I ended up bringing my Marine army to the table, and they performed very nicely as I was expecting them to get tabled.

Forces of Agateszor

5 Assault Termie Squad
Land Raider

10 sternguard 3 combi melta

2x10 tac squad LC, Melta

5 scout 4 sniper rifles, Telion, Camo cloaks

1 pred las cannon sponsoons

1 Vindicator

Game 1 verse liam was Dawn of War, 2 objectives
Liam fielded typical chaos uberness
2 DP with lash
LR with DP 3 termies
3 x10 plague marines in rhinos/ meltas
6 oblits

Game went pretty well I managed to take out the oblits and stall the rhinos on teh right part of the board. While taking out his PM squad and DP on the left to eac hhold our objectives. Lash did not play much a role .

Game 2 Vs Marines

1 Captain with 7 assault termies all TH
Razor back with 6 man marine squad
2 tac squads rhino MM, Flamer
8 man scout 4 CC 4 shooty.

This game was over early popped his LR (empty and Vindi on turn one)
Popped the Razor back and wiped the termies on turn 2 in the center.

That really was the game.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Deciding what to play

One of the biggest problems in having a lot of armies that you enjoy playing is deciding which one to play. Liam will be hosting an 1850 event next weekend. I have still not figured what to run. Marines seem the most obvious choice but need a lot of work right now. Crons and DH are both table ready but not so competitive at the current levels, though some plasma and melta vets could be fun. Thankfully I have a week to decided

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Star Gods themselves are Opposed by a small force of Blood Angles

1500 Crons vs 1500 Blood Angles

Cron Force
1 Lord Orb/Shroud/SoL
10 Immortals
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
4 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
1 Monolith

Blood Angles:
Brother Corbulo
8 Vet Assault Marines Jump packs 3 PW
10 Assault marines Rhino PF
8 Death Company Rhino
10 Tactical Squad PL ML
5 Dev Squad 4 ML
Bhal Pred
2 Land Speeders MM

Mission is Annihilation Deployment is Spearhead, BA's win roll for going first and delployment

Set up
Dev Squad take position in some ruins in the center of teh board close to the long table edge
Tac squad deploys behind them. Going toward there corner, DC deploys in rhino with HQ, with VAM's hiding behind the rhino, Bahl deploys next to them and other rhino positions to go around a terrain feature and flank.

Crons set up with Mono on their right flank to anchor it. Wraiths deploy behind, immortals to the left of the mono. 2 warrior squads with lord deploy on other side of small impassible terrain piece. destroyers deploy behind terrain piece.

Turn 1.
Crons seize the inititive as the Marines land and are able to steal turn one away. Monolith Advances, Wraiths turbo boost out up the board to threaten dev squad. Immortals move up, Destroyers move out to the left on other side of warriors.

Monolith opens up with a direct hit on back part of DC rhino, Blowing it up. also caught in the ord blast are 6 of the VAM that are killed. DC survives unscathed from the destruction. Immortals and destroyers open up on the DC killing 1. Warriors fail to glance Pred.

Turn 1b
DC advances, rhino moves out flank and pops smoke, VAM (2 remaning) jump forward, Bahl moves up.

ML fail to hurt Monolith, Bhal downs a warrior with its assault cannon. Tac squad downs a wraith

Turn 2
Warrior gets back up. Wraiths move towards VAM. Monolith shoots at DC, Accurate, killing 5. Immortals fire killing 1, Destroyers fire at VAM, killing none. Warriors fire at Bhal, stunning it.

Wraiths assault VAM, killing 1 and one dieing.

Turn 2 B

Land speeders come in via deepstrike, scatter 12 into impassible and are destroyed on the chart.

Most army moves up, Rhino with Assault squad in charge possition now., pop out and unload on warriors killing 1. Dev squad does nothing against Mono.

DC + HQ charge lone wraith, along with last vet marine, all fail to wound.

Turn 3
Mono Sucks out wraith, who moves to assault stationary Bhal. Warriors move to all be in RF range. 20 warriors and SoL lord fire on assault squad, killing 8. Mono fires its gauss projector killing nothing Immortals take out final DC guy just leader now, immortals kill 1 Tac marine. Destroyers fail to wound HQ

Wraith takes out Bahl assault cannon on charge.

Turn 3 b
tac squad moves up, Last VAS jumps into cover
HQ moves away

2 remaning Assault marines charge, killing 3 warriors and Cron lord kills 1.
Crons lose by 2 but do not route.

At this point the game is over, we play out just because but there is no firepower left.

Ammon learned about 6 valuable lessons in this game and I learned the value of ordance that never scatters, all 4 mono blasts were accurate.

the BA list had some big flaws that most of us have worked out over time. he had zero blast or ord blasts or templates. no las and only 2 multimelta/meltas on the LS. this allowed me to totally turtle around my lord and monolith and force him to come right through all my firepower. Also the one we all done, Deep striking jut because you can. It always sounds good, and of course in practice never is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marines repel the renegade Templar

I decided to help a friend out that was preparing for the 'ard boyz tourny. I rolled up my mighty Space Marine force as follows:

2x10 tac squads with LC, Melta, PF Rhino
1x5 Sniper scout with Telion, HB, CC
1x10 Assault Term Squad 5 th/ss 5 LC Land Raider
1x9 Sternguard Squad 2 Combo melta
1 Pred auto cannon 2 LC
1 Vindicator
1x5 Dev Squad 2 LC
1 Land Speeder 2 MM
1 Land Speeder AC/HB

2x10 Crusader squads PF, Melta Drop pod
2x5 Crusader LC, Plasma
1x9 Crusader PF, Melta
1x6 Assault term squad Land raider crusader
1x5 Grey knight Terminator Psyhood
1 Vindicator
1 Tri las Pred
1x 8 Command squad Rhino
1 Marshal
1 Emperors Champion

Game started with DoW rules:

Opponent wins roll and lets me go first:
Scouts set up in center of board in ruins with a good field of fire. Bolster defenses are used on the ruins giving the scouts a 2+ save. That is it for my deployment.

Opponent sets up his 2 5 man shooty squads one off of center to the right of my scouts and and a second in the centerish of the board, both in buildings.

Turn one:
Armor rolls onto the board, 1 troop rhino moves into the building below the scouts, the other takes some ruins over on the right flank, along with a dev squad moving into the same area.
Land raider with 5 termies and Lysander rolls up on the left flank along with the duel MM LS.

Vindi and pred just set up on the back line so they can fire in the middle of the board, but pred decides to move up, along with the last rhino with the SG and librarian in it. last land speeder deploys only so it can shoot all weapons. Combat squaded terminator move up behind pred.

Vindi and LS fire on the closest squad, wounding 4 and 3 failing saves, they break run out of the building.

Turn 1b
Dan deploys his armor in the middle and his LRC on my left flank, 2 rhinos on the far right flank.
Squad recovers, retakes building. Pops smoke on all vehicals except pred

turn 2.
No real movment, some minor moves by the LS. Pred pops his pred, LR shakes. LS shakes and takes weapon off rhino on right flank. Vindi takes out remaining 2 guys closest to me.

Turn 2B
Rhinos advance LR advances, all 3 reservers come in drop pod lands middle of battle field out of range, GK and DP 2 on the right flank, DP next to LR with GKT behind. Vindi shakes my pred, Melta immobilizes LR.

Turn 3.
Lysander + termies deploy and move to assult crusader squad that took out the LR. SG rhino moves up around hill and deploys to have open firing lane on the crusader squad in middle of field, LS moves to have firing lane on GKT.

Librarian uses his template power and kills 6 crusaders off, str 5 ap 3 is very nice, SG easilly finish off the 4 remaining. Shooting takes out lead rhino on the right flank, and kills off half the squad. Scouts take out a man or 2 on the second shooty squad

Lysander and Termies assault, Lysander taking one wound but they kill 9, and the lone marine fails his 8 armor saves, consolidate back behind lr

Vindi takes out rhino for SG but all SG survive. Shooty squad fires on SG and kills one, EC moves up with remaining squad and fires on LS nothing happens, Last Rhino moves around crater but is stuck a ways back.

GKT assault Lysander, Assault termies assault termies. GKT kill 3 and lose 4, Assault termies kill 2 and loose 2, EC assults LS destroying it, but are now out in the open with in firing range of SG vets, Pred, vindicator, a full 10 man tac squad, and dev squad.

Opponent concedes:
at this point they have lost 3 troops 1 heavy with 2 elites 1 troop and one HQ sure to be dead by end of 4.