Saturday, July 31, 2010

At last another game of Elves vs Lizards 8th edition style

So Dan and I at long last got another game day in.  Saddly like the last one I had where I got to play 7 turns in my 4 games, Dan was ready to throw in the towel after turn one.  This was partly due to probably the GW idiots allowing possibly the most unbalanced thing ever in existance into play.  After this and and respeccing my wizards school, we actually had a very close game.  Fantasy is bloody and models get taken off in big droves, magic is dominating "though HE named guy is totally overpowered".   Next time we play we are going to need a rule book, and hopefully an army book or 2 that work better with the rule set.

On to a bigger issue.  This is the second game day I hosted where my opponents where I feel my oppenents really did not want to play me/conceed early.  As much as I enjoy playing, I find it pretty lame and think I will bow out of future games for the time being.