Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DundraCon fail

Well It was an interesting experense.  I got the second lowest comp score at the tourey (some dark angle guy really pissed some people off with his 9 /30 sports and 4 out of 15 comp).  I got an 11 comp which I do not understand so much as my first BA opponent that also had meph/stormraven/furioso/bigger termy squad got a 15.  My army itself did great, I was on the top table for games 2 and three and won both games pretty convincely.  Of course being on the top table ment someone on a lower table was able to jump me for the top spot, but that was alright I guess.  I got a wopping 3 out of 40 on painting so there is room for improvment there, but I got to say the whole soft score thing is pretty weak and there prises reward everything except actually playing the game which is just sort of bleh.  I did like the tables more or less, but the missions "Expecially the last one" left some to be desired.  No DoW, no Night Fighting, 2 of the 3 were corner deployment, all were objective based in some manner, no kill point missions.  Now these helped me in the end I think as the last opponent stated about 20 times that if the mission had been something else, he would have been in good shape, which my come back was sure, but then I would have played differently

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